OneWord365: Revitalize

Every year the eAmbassadors like to join in the #oneword365 trend. Instead of coming up with a New Year’s Resolution, the idea is to pick a single word to shape your year by. Last year I chose Faith, and you can read that post here.

This year I’m choosing Revitalize, because almost every aspect of my life needs to be imbued with more energy and pizazz. I got the idea for my word from some late night pondering, which I of course documented on Twitter.


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15 Signs That You’re a Glendonite


Like many university campuses Glendon has it’s own lore, lingo, and -dare I say- it’s own memes. Thanks to the incredible people that make up our student body and faculty, our small, cozy campus is full of a sense of community and shared student experience. On that note, here are 15 things that indicate you’re on Team Lionheart:

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Y U No Live Closer: Maintaining Friendships When You Move Away For School

I couldn’t resist, i’m so sorry for this ancient relic of internet culture.

A couple of my fellow eAmbassadors, Sienna and Krysta, have written excellent posts on managing the “LDR”, or Long Distance Relationship. Now, I’m happily and perpetually single, so I know nothing about maintaining romantic relationships, but I am practically a professional at long distance friendships. (Just ask my best friend of going on 15 years; she’ll vouch for me!)

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Time to Get Serious(ly pumped about University)!

So to begin, this is my first post as a real eAmbassador which is unbelievably exciting! I think I’m going to leave my old posts up, but anything before this post is exactly that: a “before” post that I probably won’t be revisiting. From now on I’ll be posting every Tuesday evening, and also tweeting regularly from @britneyrobinGL.

In other news, I met most of the eAmbassador team at training and they’re all really wonderful people that I’m thrilled to be working with. Seriously, their blogs don’t lie, all of them are genuinely friendly and helpful, not to mention funny and charismatic. I’m just sitting there pretending to be cool enough to be one of them, and hoping no one sees through me.

me on the inside

Now onto today’s actual topic:
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