On Being Tired (#santéGL)

I’ve been trying to write a post about mental health for two weeks now. As you may or may not know, Bell’s “Let’s Talk” day was last week which has inspired my social media feeds to be full of everything and anything mental illness related.

(“Let’s Talk” is a cool day-long event across Canada, one I frankly don’t know enough about. The gist is that it’s a day to talk about mental illnesses and end the stigma surrounding them. Here’s the website link: http://letstalk.bell.ca/en/ ).

Us Glendon eAmbassadors decided it would be nice to have a week dedicated to #santeGL posts (or #GLhealth to all of my fellow anglophones) in honour of the day.

But guys, I’m tired.
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Why I am a Success Story and You Probably are Too (#GLsuccess)

This week, us eAmbassadors are writing about success.

We were in our monthly meeting and got a little off topic railing on how unattainable ideals of success for today’s students can be, which then lead to a discussion of what success even is. Francette, who is of course one of the oldest and wisest of us and therefore full of great ideas, suggested we do a themed week where we each would talk about our own personal ideas of success.

So here I am trying to ruminate on success while sitting in a dorm common room with some friends, all of us pretending to be productive in-between bouts of singing Adele and Hillary Duff. (#reslifestruggles)

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