The Oppressive Limitations of Time; Let’s Talk About Podcasts

So, I don’t have nearly the amount of free time in my life that I used to, mainly because I have the time management skills of a very tired old tortoise who has never seen a clock, and doesn’t know that the passage of time exists.
…University is hard when it takes you fifteen minutes of deep thought to write a single sentence, js. (#overthinkers #stress #help ??)

I’m behind on every single one of my favourite tv shows, and my to-read pile is less of a pile and more of an entire shelf, but that’s where podcasts come in! They’re so terribly convenient. I listen to podcasts when I’m cleaning, when I’m travelling, and when I’m trying to unwind before bed (I know that a book will just keep me awake until the final pages are turned). They’re a very student-friendly form of media.

That being said I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you in no particular order: Continue reading The Oppressive Limitations of Time; Let’s Talk About Podcasts

Finding Truth & Community in Stories

For as long as I can remember I have known one thing about myself to be true in the most absolute of ways; that I am meant to take part in the telling of meaningful stories. Continue reading Finding Truth & Community in Stories