15 Signs That You’re a Glendonite


Like many university campuses Glendon has it’s own lore, lingo, and -dare I say- it’s own memes. Thanks to the incredible people that make up our student body and faculty, our small, cozy campus is full of a sense of community and shared student experience. On that note, here are 15 things that indicate you’re on Team Lionheart:

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#DiscoverGlendon : A New Mission for My First Year at Uni

I’m obviously very new to this vlogging thing so be gentle! Fun fact: I whittled this down from 20 minutes of rambling because I’m that extra. (I also accidentally cut out an important part of what I was trying to say and couldn’t recover it, but I’m learning!! I swear!!)


Choosing Glendon: Part 1

Choosing a university was one of the most stressful decisions I’ve had to make in my life. However, it was also an experience that taught me a lot about myself and what I value in life, something that every worthwhile experience tends to do.

My final decision? York University, Glendon Campus. (Une campus bilingue!)

But how did I choose?

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