The Different Rules of Summer

Summer has always been my favourite season. I love the heat of it, the way the air clings to your skin and makes you feel its presence. I love the potential that stretches among all those endless sunny days, taunting you with adventures you haven’t even thought up yet.

Summer is a time for resolutions, plans, and positivity in my world. It has always seemed more like a beginning point than January does. (Then again, I’m prejudiced against any month when the weather is colder than 15C.)

“Summers had a logic all their own and they always brought something out in me”
-Benjamin Alire Saenz

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15 Signs That You’re a Glendonite


Like many university campuses Glendon has it’s own lore, lingo, and -dare I say- it’s own memes. Thanks to the incredible people that make up our student body and faculty, our small, cozy campus is full of a sense of community and shared student experience. On that note, here are 15 things that indicate you’re on Team Lionheart:

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Why You Should Make Friends with an International Student

Weeks ago, I jokingly told my fellow eAmbassador Isabel Duque, -who is Colombia born and Ecuador raised- that I was going to write a post about her. I was just messing around at the time, but the idea stuck so here we go; an Isabel-inspired blog post:

Despite it’s small size Glendon is a great place to mingle with a diverse group of people. The international and bilingual focus of the academics at the campus attract a lot of students from other countries, as well as people from across Canada. I guarantee that you can’t stroll across campus on a weekday without hearing two or more different languages being spoken.

This is a really popular image here on campus

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On Being Tired (#santéGL)

I’ve been trying to write a post about mental health for two weeks now. As you may or may not know, Bell’s “Let’s Talk” day was last week which has inspired my social media feeds to be full of everything and anything mental illness related.

(“Let’s Talk” is a cool day-long event across Canada, one I frankly don’t know enough about. The gist is that it’s a day to talk about mental illnesses and end the stigma surrounding them. Here’s the website link: ).

Us Glendon eAmbassadors decided it would be nice to have a week dedicated to #santeGL posts (or #GLhealth to all of my fellow anglophones) in honour of the day.

But guys, I’m tired.
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The Holidays, A New Semester, and #oneword365; a threefold update from a lazy writer

Sooooo, it’s January. The holidays are over, a new year has begun, and with it comes a new semester.

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Choosing Glendon: My Weirdest Reason

I’ve detailed many of my reasons for choosing to go to Glendon on this blog previously, but never my strangest one:

I deeply, deeply appreciate the way Glendon brands itself.


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#DiscoverGlendon : A New Mission for My First Year at Uni

I’m obviously very new to this vlogging thing so be gentle! Fun fact: I whittled this down from 20 minutes of rambling because I’m that extra. (I also accidentally cut out an important part of what I was trying to say and couldn’t recover it, but I’m learning!! I swear!!)