OneWord365: Revitalize

Every year the eAmbassadors like to join in the #oneword365 trend. Instead of coming up with a New Year’s Resolution, the idea is to pick a single word to shape your year by. Last year I chose Faith, and you can read that post here.

This year I’m choosing Revitalize, because almost every aspect of my life needs to be imbued with more energy and pizazz. I got the idea for my word from some late night pondering, which I of course documented on Twitter.


I used to be able to confidently call myself an artistic and passionate person. I played instruments, I painted, sketched, wrote poetry and short stories in my leisure time, sang and danced around to alleviate boredom, and wandered around taking mediocre amateur photography. I was active in several clubs in highschool, and I volunteered a lot of my time. I was full of long winded rants about various topics and wanted to do nothing but discuss them at length. I was so eager to contribute.

That’s not who I am now. I think about doing all of those things, but mostly I’ve been completely devoid of the energy it takes to put anything into action. It’s always “later, no tomorrow, no some other day” with me. I’m tired, always. My life passes by and I find myself having gone weeks without actually feeling something, and months without creating something worthwhile.

The truth of it is that I burnt out. Maybe I should have taken a year off between highschool and post-secondary (I’ll be discussing this in a future post.) but I didn’t, and now it’s time to find that energy somewhere.

This blog is also in serious need of some revitalization. It’s been all but abandoned, but I promise more frequent posting is to come in 2017.

I’m going to put all of myself into living my life this year. I hope you’ll all join me in being a present and active participant in this exquisite confusion we call living.

Goodbye 2016…you were an interesting time to be alive if nothing else.

~Britney Robin



3 thoughts on “OneWord365: Revitalize

  1. Having taken a year off after high school to deal with my burnout, I think it’s safe to say no matter which choice you make, you’ll always be left wondering if you made the right one. There’s always options to take time out further down the road, if you need it! Revitalise is such a great choice of word – can’t wait to see how it manifests for you over the course of the year. ❤️


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