15 Signs That You’re a Glendonite


Like many university campuses Glendon has it’s own lore, lingo, and -dare I say- it’s own memes. Thanks to the incredible people that make up our student body and faculty, our small, cozy campus is full of a sense of community and shared student experience. On that note, here are 15 things that indicate you’re on Team Lionheart:

1) You know that though we love Richard in all his lionheart glory, the unofficial mascots of GL are the raccoons. (And you’ve wondered, at least once, why we haven’t just gone ahead and made it official already.)


Our furry friends even inspired Glendon’s particularly adorable April Fool’s joke this year: [link]

2) You’ve gotten lost at Keele campus. It’s a rite of passage, and it’s ok, we understand.

3) You use so many nicknames, acronyms and initialisms for the different parts of York Hall that sometimes you forget it’s all one building. (“I’ll meet you at the front of the COE, just give me a minute I’ve gotta stop by the breezeway!”)


4) Your phone is filled with pictures of the campus because yes, you do need a photo of the manor at all times of day, in every season, in every weather condition, and from every angle. It’s pretty, ok? It deserves to be documented…by hundreds of students in thousands of Instagram posts. #prettiestcampus


5) You’ve put off going to the gym because the stairs leading down to the GAC are a workout on their own.


6) You’ve been on an absolutely packed 124 Lawrence bus…where you recognize every passenger as a Glendon student. This has happened to you more than once.

7) You’ve skirted past the Rose Garden as fast as possible at night, even if you don’t believe in ghosts. On a similar note, you think that the people who hang out in the gazebos after sundown are the bravest among us.


8) You barely even notice when people code-switch anymore. Two languages in one sentence? Hah, big deal, half your friends are probably polyglots.

9) You live off of Tim Hortons and Pizza Pizza.
This is where non-Glendonites ask: “You mean like every other group of university students?” But no. They don’t understand.


10) If you haven’t had class in the manor yet, you feel cheated. If you do have class in the manor, you bask in it’s magical charm, and feel a little less sad that your letter from Hogwarts never came in the mail.

11) You’ve complained that the 30-second walk to another building on campus is too far. You don’t understand how students at bigger campuses deal with all that walking.


12) You leave your stuff everywhere without worrying about theft. Tables at Lunik or in the library filled with temporarily abandoned laptops and textbooks are a familiar sight. Coats, backpacks, and keys line empty chairs in the cafeteria. (Will we all regret this one day? Maybe. For now, it’s nice to trust one another. Plus, you probably know everyone who’s around anyways.)

13) You’re on a first-name basis with most of, if not all, of your professors. You love this, except for when they e-mail you wondering why they didn’t see your face in class that day.

14) You are always able to find a familiar face in a crowd, and know that you’ll be greeted by friendly smiles no matter where you go on campus.

15) You love Glendon, and know you picked the best school for you! Even on the most stressful days you’re decked out in all your GL swag and filled with campus love!

J’aime GL!

Disclaimer: these are based mainly on my experiences and may not apply to every GL student. Every glendonite has their own set of unique and meaningful experiences and it’s hard to capture all of that in a silly list post! Also, thanks to everyone who helped me come up with these ideas!


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