Contradicting An Earlier Post

About a month ago I wrote a post about how slowly Summer was moving. Boy, has my perspective on that changed. I didn’t know what busy looked like back in July. August flew by so quickly and my schedule has been so packed, I’m not entirely sure the whole month hasn’t been a hazy dream. I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up tomorrow and it was still July and the whole month was just my imagination (just kidding…mostly!).

I’m reaching a point in my post-secondary journey where it feels like my brain is just a constant stream of “!!!!!!!!!!!????????”. People keep asking me if I’m excited to be leaving soon, but that’s not the right question. I’m not excited to be leaving soon; I am however very excited to be at Glendon soon. How can I be excited to be leaving all the people I love??? And also a job I love, and a heck of a lot of really great books that my parents will simply not let me haul to Toronto. Also, there’s just so much to do before I go. And what if I forget something important?? And, and, and….

And now you’re thinking “Yes Britney, emotions are complex. Also the sky is blue, water is wet, and Winter Soldier is the best Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Please tell us something that every person on the planet doesn’t already know”.

Sorry to disappoint, but I have no epiphanies for you today just a quick word of advice you’ve probably heard from every teacher you’ve had since the sixth grade:

Time Management (capitalization necessary), is everything.

Now this is hypocritical advice for me to give as I’m a procrastinator all the way to my core, but it also means I have experience in the area of getting-yourself-off-your-lazy-butt-and-actually-following-a-schedule.

Stressing about how busy you are and how much you need to get done before you move to a different city next week? (This can’t just be me, right?) Well here are my three simple tips.

1) Prioritizing tasks will save your life.

2) Not beating yourself up if you can’t fit everything in will save your sanity.

3) Do some math.
Now hear me out here because this sounds ridiculous at first, but actually sit down and figure out your week in hours. Approximately how many hours will each task on your to-do list take? Figure that out and then subtract those hours plus your work hours, average sleeping hours, etc. from the number of hours in a week. Chances are you will have a few free hours floating around for down time. Take a deep breath and know that if you stay on track everything will get done. If you don’t have any free time or can’t get all your tasks to fit into the hours in a week then please refer back to tips #1 and 2. Also go drink a herbal tea and take a bubble bath or whatever you do to de-stress, I think you need it.

I hope all of you reading this are feeling as positive about what your future holds as I am. Take care of yourselves please!

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