On Excitement

jon stewart excited gif

Less than two weeks now until I move into my dorm, and I. Am. So. Excited. It’s almost embarrassing how much I love Glendon already when you consider that I’ve only been there in person once.

I was in a few clubs in highschool and we really struggled to bring school spirit to our little community. We managed to do really amazing things, -and I’ll always be proud of the group of students I worked with- but we were so few in number. The Glendon community seems to have so many students with admirable passion for their school and the world around it. I can’t wait to be a part of that. (Reason #4578145 why I chose York; passionate students and staff.)

I’m actually doing both orientation weeks, Frosh and Jumpstart, because I’m determined to start this part of my life right both socially and academically and I’m bouncing off the walls with impatience.

See you soon Glendon!


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