Quick Thoughts on Moving Forward and Summer

I’m absolutely shocked by how slow this year’s Summer is going by! So far it feels like an endless haze of long, boring days spent twiddling my thumbs and aimlessly browsing Netflix. The opposite is actually true; this is the first Summer that I have a real job, and I’m constantly out with friends in my down time. Not to mention the sheer amount of novels I’ve devoured in the past few weeks. Yet, I just can’t seem to get over the feeling that time is dragging on!!

While I do have loads of free time compared to during this past school year, the real reason for my restlessness is that I’m starting University in the fall, and it feels like I’m on the precipice of everything I’ve been waiting for my entire life. It’s like I’m walking in slow-motion towards a bright, exciting new life, and I just want to fast forward a bit through this in-between time. I know it’s probably not the best idea to pin so many hopes on something that is actually going to be incredibly difficult and emotionally-taxing, but I’ve never felt more positive about a decision than I do in my choice of university. (Perhaps I’ll write a post detailing how I chose, hopefully it will help someone else sort out their thoughts for the Fall 2016 semester).

All this anticipation has me living in the future, when I should really be making the most of this time that is essentially the padding between two very different stages of my life. There are so many people I just simply won’t have time to see when I’m in school, so many places in my city that I’ll miss dearly, and so many adventures that I still have time to have with those people and in those places! To any recent high school graduates who are also in my position; don’t let yourself forget to make the most of the present. You’re probably thinking that that is a horribly cliche thing to say, but I can’t help that it’s true!  Honestly, it’s probably the best advice I’ve given to myself over the years, though it’s a skill I’m still practicing.

I’ve gotta say even though my mind is mostly in the future, it feels so peculiar that I’m no longer a highschool student. I have friends who are going back for a lap year, and they’ve confided to me that even they are feeling the ever insistent tug of the future and it’s responsibilities. I have no doubt that my current favourite song “Stressed Out” by 21 pilots will continue to be my anthem for quite a while. With those university costs already starting to pile up, the lyrics “Wake up, you need to make money ring a little too true. If you’re reading this and haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen. The lyrics are perfect for people of all ages, but in particular seem meant for those of us transitioning into what some might deem “adulthood” -though I’m very happy to keep my teenager label for a few more years, thank you very much.


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